Have you ever dreamt up a piece of jewelry?

Was it something so specific that you knew it didn't already exist in the mainstream? Could you see the design in your mind's eye and just knew you had to create it? Very often this is the start of a one of a kind, custom design. Whether you inherited a gemstone, or it was a gift from a loved one, or you just found the loose stone and want the perfect piece of jewelry to showcase it, a custom designed and created piece of jewelry is the perfect way to do it.

After the initial design plan, often the next question involves the price. What does it cost to design and create my dream piece of jewelry in ? There are many variables that go into this answer. Is this a ground-up creation? Or a modification on a design that already exists? Will we be working in silver, or gold or platinum? Will the piece have one stone or 100 stones? Will you need five sketches to narrow down the exact design, or will one suffice? Our staff can help you narrow down the answers to all of these questions, as well as to a few more that you didn't know you'd have to make decisions on. Ultimately, for a simple design, with no stones, in gold the pricing will start around $1,500.

Now, for the stones. We have some in stock to choose from, as well as access to almost anything you can dream up. We can get diamonds in any shape and size and colored stones in every color of the rainbow.

We've had clients bring in pictures from magazines that they've clipped out and carried in their wallet for years. We've looked at a fiance'ss Pinterest page to see what the dream rings on her secret wedding page look like. We've done designs to mimic a grandmother's treasured wedding band. And, we've created pieces to incorporate all of the stones from both wedding bands, for the surviving spouse to wear in honor of their loved one who has passed. Perhaps the most heart wrenching, as well as fulfilling, are the pieces of jewelry we've created to memorialize a child who has passed.

The sketch rendering

Step Three

This shows the wax carving after it has been transformed from a shapeless wax form, to a model of what the finished ring will look like. Part of the process involves fitting the gemstone into the wax to ensure a perfect fit.

Step Four

From the wax, a mold is created and the piece is cast. This ring was cast of 14 karat white gold

Step Five

In this image the ring has been cast and the pink tourmaline has been set in place. Any adjustments are made and the ring is ready for the finishing steps.

Final Stages

TIn the final stages the rose gold hearts are soldered onto the sides, the pink tourmaline is set in the center and the ring is polished until it shines.

Whatever your motivation for creating a custom piece of jewelry, if you 've wanted to take that leap – DO IT!

Now is the time. Email us! Send a message through the website! Give us a call or stop into one of our stores. We'd be happy to talk design with you. We'd be even happier to get you started down the path of designing the custom piece of jewelry of your dreams.