It’s never too early to plan the perfect gift. A birthstone pendant necklace is a beautiful piece of fine jewelry that can be personalized simply by knowing someone’s birth month. Gifting jewelry made of their birthstone is a way of saying that you care about them and will always remember their birthday. A piece that suits their style says that you notice the little things that make them unique.

Birthstones can be attuned to the wearer, but they can also represent other people in a marriage, family, or group. Birthstone jewelry also makes wonderful gifts for mothers, grandmothers, siblings, and partners as a reminder of their bond with each stone in the piece.

If you are looking to customize a birthstone pendant necklace or other jewelry, this article will act as a helpful guide. Plus a few ideas to inspire your choice when building a gift or personal piece.

The Birthstones by Month

This is a quick guide for birthstones by month. There are also alternative birthstone lists if you want to get creative with your decision, while still representing each person in a meaningful way.

  • January: Garnet
    • Red to Dark Red
  • February: Amethyst
    • Pale Purple
  • March: Aquamarine
    • Pale Blue-Green
  • April: Diamond
    • White, Yellow, and Pink
  • May: Emerald
    • Bright to Dark Green
  • June: Alexandrite / Pearl
    • Dark Purple to Dark Green / White to Umber
  • July: Ruby
    • Bright Red
  • August: Peridot
    • Pale Green
  • September: Sapphire
    • Dark to Light Blue
  • October: Tourmaline / Opal
    • Pink / White to Black
  • November: Citrine
    • Yellow to Orange
  • December: Blue Topaz
    • Pale to Dark Blue

Personal Birthstone Jewelry

Favorite Birthstone

A personalized birthstone pendant necklace or other jewelry should include the stone of the wearer. This shows you remember their special day as you celebrate holiday gift exchanges, or serves as a very elegant birthday present.

For example, a sapphire pendant necklace is a wonderful gift for someone born in September. Alternatively, a green pendant necklace made with an emerald stone is thoughtful for someone born in May.

Pro Tip: Most people who know their birthstone also know if they prefer the color or not. For those who wear jewelry, a friend may know if they have a favorite shade or alternate regarding their birthstone. Knowing someone’s favorite alternative can be equally meaningful.

Favorite Styles and Symbols

Embedding a birthstone or small constellation of stones into a signature symbol is another way to personalize birthstone jewelry. If you know your giftee tends to wear teardrop shapes, circles, hearts, or something similar, you will find some beautiful birthstone pieces that reflect their favorites.

Motherhood Birthstone Jewelry

Motherhood birthstone jewelry features a colored stone for every child, or for every member of the family, depending on the design. Often, siblings will pool to get a motherhood necklace for their mother, each of the gifters represented by a stone.

Some motherhood necklaces feature a central stone, or a pair of stones, representing the mother or parents surrounded by the birthstones of their children. Others order the stones by age of each child.

Couple’s Birthstone Jewelry

Whether you are celebrating a new relationship or a landmark anniversary, romantic birthstone jewelry is a beautiful way to represent the bond between two unique people.

Friendship Birthstone Jewelry

Some groups of friends were meant to last forever. Close friends, siblings, and even teams who want to meet again every year may choose birthstone jewelry to remember each other by.

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