An expertly crafted green pendant necklace is an elegant piece of jewelry any time of the year, but especially during spring when we are surrounded with a fresh burst of color. A thoughtful jewelry gift can mean a lot to your loved one. Not only does it have significant aesthetic value, but it can also represent your fondness and support for those you cherish for many years to come. In this article we will discuss a few reasons why our gorgeous green pendants are so special. 

Classy and Bright

An Absolutely Beautiful Gift

Choosing something for someone special to you is about putting thought into what they would enjoy. Our green pendants are eye-catching and allow your loved one to feel effortlessly beautiful. It’s hard not to smile while wearing such a fine piece of jewelry! 

They Look Good with Any Outfit

While most women have at least one go-to outfit for every occasion, sometimes it’s a struggle to find jewelry that looks good with everything that isn’t simply gold or silver. Our green pendants fit most styles because of their no-fuss elegance and ability to accentuate beauty without being too distracting. Such a gift is a treasured part of adding versatility to your darling’s wardrobe and fashion sense. 

They Come in a Variety of Designs

When it comes to finding your perfect green pendant, there’s no limit to the options available when you speak with our team. We offer pendants in an assortment of shapes, from hearts to pears and ice cubes. At Roper’s Jewelers we are also experts in creating custom jewelry, just ask us if you are interested in creating a truly unique necklace! 

Green Pendant Gift Ideas

Whether you are looking to commemorate an event or simply to give someone a treasure they’ll forever cherish, a pendant can make the perfect gift. Here are three of our popular necklace styles that feature the stunningly vibrant green Peridot stone: 

Peridot Ice Cube Pendant

Peridot Ice Cube Pendant Necklace

Crafted by Zina Designer Jewelry, this beautiful green Peridot Ice Cube Pendant features a 17-inch silver cable chain holding one princess cut Peridot in the shape of an ice cube. The soothing green color of the gemstone evokes spring and peace, making it ideal for everyday wear all year round. Plus, who wouldn’t love something so refreshing? 

Sterling Silver Heart Peridot Pendant

Sterling Silver Heart Peridot Pendant

This necklace is made with an 18-inch silver chain and a 4mm dainty peridot heart pendant. The precious stone adds some mellowness to the wearer’s appearance while flattering their skin tone. Gifting the Sterling Silver Heart Peridot Pendant to your woman this spring is sure to make her swoon with joy. 

Pear Peridot Pendant

Pear Peridot Pendant

This 14k gold pendant is a precious gift that many would love to have. It features a 0.67k pear-shaped peridot and a 0.06tw diamond. The Pear Peridot Pendant is sold separately from our various types of chains. 


The Peridot Sparkle

Many of our green pendants feature the Peridot stone, a variety of the mineral olivine. It is one of the few gemstones that occur in only one color: olive-green. Gem-quality Peridot is rare to find on Earth’s surface.

Also known as the evening emerald, this gorgeous gem has been in use since the time of ancient Egypt, mainly for jewelry and decoration as it was considered an extremely valuable gemstone. It is said that Cleopatra loved wearing Peridot jewels. 

It’s no wonder the Peridot green pendant is still attractive and eye-catching today! In more recent times, the Peridot gem is considered an August birthstone, though it’s beautiful sparkle brings a smile to many all throughout the year. 

Check Out Our Extensive Collection of Jewelry 

A green pendant necklace is a wonderful gift choice for anyone you love. If you want to show your appreciation and personalize your present, we can help. Our collection of pendants includes many beautiful and meaningful designs and we can customize the piece to be one of a kind.

Visit one of our two Auburn locations to find a gem, green pendant, or custom jewelry piece that matches your loved one’s personality. You can also shop online or send us a message through our website. Our customer service representatives are always happy to assist you to understand all of your options.