With a new year comes a new opportunity to refresh your closet and your jewelry box, and at Roper’s Jewelers, the oldest jewelry store in Auburn, CA, we are ready to help you transform your look with a beautiful selection of earrings sure to suit any style! Take a look at our extensive collection of gorgeous earrings where you will find everything from dainty pearls to glistening gemstones, from sparkling studs to dazzling diamond hoops.

Hoop Earring Selection

At Roper’s Jewelers, we don’t just sell traditional gold or silver hoops, though those are an elegant staple of any wardrobe to be sure! Besides the simple classics, we offer a unique take on hoop earrings that combine precious metals with both gemstones and pearls. Some of our hoops are even offered with embossed or engraved designs to give them a textured look.

Some of our more popular hoop earing designs include:

  • double row hoops with two rows of diamonds set parallel to each other in a yellow gold setting
  • embossed diamond cut or embossed shell hoops with unique patterns right within the metal
  • dazzling diamond hoops, in white or yellow gold with a variety of diamond settings such as a unique leaf pattern, diamond cut hoops, or diamond pearl hoops for those that want something extra special.

Studs and Cluster Earrings:

We offer dainty studs and gemstone clusters at Roper’s as well! Choose from options such as simple ball stud designs, yellow gold posts, cubic zirconia, diamond studs, gold stars, or even amethysts.

The amethyst earrings are especially popular for those who like a pop of color as they are petite and can be worn at work for a professional look on date night to add a pop of whimsy and fun.

Gemstone Drop Earrings:

Drop earrings are one of our favorite pieces to show customers when they come into our stores as they often feature delicate gemstones set within a graceful design. With their slight dangle, they are excellent at drawing attention to the face with gentle movement and sparkle.

One of our most gorgeous drop designs just in time for Valentine’s Day, is the Garnet dangle earrings which feature deep red garnet stones set in a yellow gold earring.

The diamond leaf earrings are also intricately lovely as tender vines of diamond leaves dangle from your ears.

Finally, the blue topaz drop earrings bring a splash of color to neutral or earth toned outfits.

If you like the look of combining two beautiful gemstones, our aquamarine and diamond earrings are a perfect fit for you. These earrings are subtle in the aquamarine color and come in two different settings, both ideal for any time of day, whether you’re at the office with a client or out to dinner with friends.

Unique Shapes and Settings

At Roper’s jewelers, we believe in offering jewelry as unique as you are. Some of our truly special designs include:

  • the ladies 14 karat white gold pyramid post earrings
  • the Gyro concentric circle earrings
  • the gold links earrings

Make it a Set!

When you shop at Roper’s Jewelers, we can also help you pair the perfect sets of jewelry together. For example, the embossed diamond cut hoop earrings go beautifully with a white gold, sapphire pendant necklace. The diamond hoop earrings in white gold and yellow gold complement our channel set band in diamond and white and yellow gold.

Come Visit Our Jewelry Stores in Auburn, CA!

Roper’s is one of the original jewelry stores in Auburn, Ca and we are proud to have been serving the community of Auburn and the surrounding cities for over 60 years. Let us help you reinvent your 2023 wardrobe with the sapphire pendant necklace and matching earrings, a garnet ring and dazzling garnet dangle earrings, or traditional diamond studs to complement a wedding ring from our bridal collection.

Call us with any questions or use the chat feature on our website today! You can also schedule an appointment to begin the process of creating custom jewelry. You can reach us at our Downtown location by calling (530) 885-4852 or our North Auburn location at (530) 885-8020. Our stores are located at 818 Lincoln Way in North Auburn or 2288 Grass Valley Highway in North Auburn. We can’t wait to welcome you in and make you part of our Roper’s family!