Did you hear? Valentine’s Day is this weekend!

If you’re someone who doesn’t celebrate the day, then you may as well stop reading now. This information isn’t for you. However, if you’re one of our readers who does celebrate Valentine’s Day, then you’re in for a treat! For this post I thought it might be helpful to share a few of our favorite Valentine’s Day gift ideas, for all budgets!

First is this sterling silver heart that’s filled with love, literally. It’s accented with a lovely little diamond and comes with the sterling chain as shown. This beautiful option is $139

Valentines Day Gift Idea 1
Valentines Day Gift Idea 2

Our next option is this playful flower pendant. This one is great if you’re telling a friend to have a Happy Valentine’s Day, as it doesn’t necessarily have the romantic overtones of the first option. It is also crafted in sterling silver and has a sweet little diamond. This flower is a steal at $159

This bracelet is a wonderful option for your Valentine as it has built in length adjustment to fit almost any wrist! The double heart centerpiece clearly shows your love. It is sterling silver and is accented by a diamond. This bracelet sells for $229

Valentines Day Gift Idea 3
Valentines Day Gift Idea 4

If you’re ready to go to the next Valentine’s level, then this striking two tone diamond pendant is perfect! It’s crafted from 10 karat rose gold and sterling silver, and is set with just over a tenth of a carat total diamond weight. It’s a fantastic gift at just $509

This incredible diamond pendant will really wow your Valentine! The half carat total diamond weight is set in 10 karat rose gold and sterling silver. The hearts will convey your love, while the diamonds will underline your passion. Your feelings can be shared for just $885

Valentines Day Gift Idea 5
Valentines Day Gift Idea 6

If your love has enough hearts in her life, then perhaps flowers are called for. I’m not referring to the kind of flowers that wilt and die, rather I’m talking about flowers that are made of rubies and diamonds. These incredible earrings are set in 14 karat white gold. The rubies sparkle and the diamonds provide the perfect centerpiece. Flowers that never die are available for $1,429

These are just a few options for Valentine’s gifts. Both of our stores are filled with many more gift ideas, and our staff is available to show you around and help with whatever you need. We also have lots of great gifts on our website.

Hopefully we’ve inspired you to shower your Valentine with jewelry love. However you choose to celebrate, all of us here at Roper’s Jewelers wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!