Happily Ever After. We’re used to seeing this phrase at the end of a fairy tale, when the main characters have fallen in love and are looking forward to celebrating a lifetime of that love, together.

Here at Roper’s Jewelers we use the term “Happily Ever After” in a similar way. It doesn’t involve our husbands, but it does involve falling in love. Lisa and I fell in love with Roper’s Jewelers and the jewelry business a long time ago. In the early days it was like any new love: every gemstone was sparkly and beautiful. We had diamonds reflecting in our eyes and our whole world was beauty.

Over the years we became very familiar with the idea, “all that glitters isn’t gold”. Of course there were bumps along the way: the financial crisis of 2008, the untimely death of our store owner in 2014, PSPS power outages in 2019 and of course, the Covid19 pandemic of 2020. What didn’t change in all those years, was our love for Roper’s, our love for the jewelry business. We’ve had the opportunity to create one of a kind engagement and wedding rings for couples with stars in their eyes. We’ve created mourning pieces to help with the sudden passing of a child. We’ve helped to restore family heirlooms to their original glory. We were honored to stand by Brenda’s side as she moved to the helm of the business in the wake of Harvey’s passing. And through all of this, we got to stand behind the counter at a store whose core beliefs are those of community and togetherness. When our babies were born, we brought them in to the stores to introduce them around. When they graduated from high school and college we cried and cheered, together, at the store. Now as we have moved into the position of owners, our concept of the store has shifted once again.

We no longer share the starry eyed, sparkly love of our younger years here. Now we love the stores in the way that comes from years of dedication and the belief that we belong together: Lisa, the stores and I. And so we are living our happily ever after, as the new owners of a jewelry store that has earned its place in the fairy tale that is Auburn, California.

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