We often hear people speak of having a broken heart.

Most of us have endured a broken heart at some point, and in some way. This custom created pendant provided a way for its designer to mend her broken heart. We’ll call the woman Alice.

Alice was introduced to Roper’s by her mother, who had been a fan of Roper’s for some time. I learned that Alice had recently and unexpectedly lost her husband. She loved her wedding set, and most especially her beautiful marquise center diamond. When Alice came to me, she said that she wanted to create a one of a kind pendant using the diamonds from her wedding set. We discussed some basic design options, she knew she wanted a heart, as well as sizing and proportions. I then worked with our custom jeweler: Russ, who created some initial sketches. Right away Alice liked the lines and  swirls of this heart. She also decided that it would be perfect if we added some more diamonds to really make it sparkle. Alice chose the bezel setting around the marquise center diamond, and decided to have the heart stationary on the chain, rather than floating.

Russ carved the wax, cast the heart, and set the diamonds into place. When the pendant was all finished and Alice finally got to see it, she was blown away. It was everything she had hoped, and more. She put it on and her wedding diamonds found their new place close to her heart.

We understand that jewelry doesn’t fix everything, but sometimes it can help with healing. It can help us to remember the happy times and give us  something to smile about today. Alice was so happy with the finished necklace that she is already thinking about designing some earrings to match. I was so pleased to be a part of the healing process for Alice, and I love thinking about the huge smile on her face when she puts this necklace on.