How do I determine my ring size at home?

We are asked this question quite a bit. We’ve heard lots of solutions for this one. Some include using a string or a piece of paper to encircle the base of your finger. You mark where the end of the paper is, then flatten the paper and measure how long it is. Then you cross reference the measurement to a guide that translates the millimeters to ring size.

Couldn’t be easier, right?



There is a major component that is missing from the equation…the knuckle. For most people, finger size and knuckle size are different. Most of us have to work a ring over our knuckle, to have it sit a little bit loosely at the base of the finger. We’re humans, that’s just how our knuckles work. As we age the difference between knuckle and finger can vary drastically. I’ve seen people with a finger size five, but their knuckle is a size eight. As you can imagine, this presents some challenges in sizing the finger. If the aforementioned paper measurement is used in this situation, the ring wouldn’t go over the knuckle at all.

Another potential challenge is the width of the ring. A two millimeter ring that is a size seven will fit much differently than an eight millimeter ring that is the same size. The wider ring will fit tighter, and be more of a challenge to work over a knuckle.


What do we recommend to determine ring size? We recommend going in to your trusted, local owned jewelry store, discussing the design and the width of the ring in question, then following the suggestion of the jewelry professional who will use ring-sizers, as well as knowledge collected over time, to determine the best size for your finger and your ring.

How do I determine my ring size at home