It’s time to talk about Mom, and just to be clear, that may or may not be the woman who gave birth to
you. It might be the woman who raised you. It might be the grandmother who stepped in when you
needed her. It might be the mother in law who came as the bonus with your husband or wife. It might
be the auntie who took care of you. Whomever your Mom is, remember, this Sunday May 12, is
Mother’s Day.

Sterling Silver Heart Amethyst Pendant

Sterling Silver Heart Amethyst Pendant

Now, we’re a jewelry store, so it makes sense that we think jewelry is a great gift for Mother’s Day. Over the years we’ve noticed that Moms really treasure the jewelry that is symbolic of their children. That could mean something set with their child’s birthstone, or it could be something engraved with their
names or initials. Sometimes it’s neither of those things, it could be a charm that reminds them of an
inside joke or a special saying like “I love you to the moon and back”. The bottom line is, if you give Mom something from your heart, that’s what’s most important.

If you do decide that a birthstone item is best for Mom, consider the shimmering heart pendant: each
sterling silver heart is set with a birthstone that is suspended in the center and shimmers with the
slightest movement. Another great birthstone option is the stackable birthstone band. Moms like to
stack a band for each child.

All this talk about birthstones and you’re wondering what yours is…?

These options are just a few. Come visit us at either location and we’ll help you find something perfect
for the very special woman who you call Mom.