Lashbrook Designs

When someone says “jewelry” most of us think about diamonds, gold, pearls…what we don’t usually think about are men’s wedding bands.

If we do think about them, most of us picture a plain gold band, perhaps the one our own father or grandfather may have worn. Lashbrook Designs has set out to change that.

Lashbrook makes custom wedding bands with thousands of options and combinations. They put the fun into creating a wedding band. When you go to you may browse their many options. Or, you may take the leap and click on Build Your Own. Remember the choose your own adventure books when you were a kid? The Build Your Own ring function is a lot like that. You get to choose the metal, the color, the inlay, engraving… everything! You get to create a one of a kind ring that is perfect for you! If you’re uncomfortable doing this on your own, please come into either of our locations and our sales team will help you create your perfect ring! We will need to size your finger with the Lashbrook sizers as these works of art are not easily sizable once they’re created.

But wait! There’s more!

Lashbrook can use almost anything you send them, and work it into your ring! They can use wood from a tree in your yard. They can use antler, or what about a rock that you picked up from the place you proposed? The Lashbrook engineers will find a way to use anything you send them to customize your ring (except human remains – that’s where they draw the line). If you have questions about what you could use, or how to include it in your design, come on in and our staff will help!

I know that I started out writing about men’s bands, however, that’s not all Lashbrook has to offer. They’ll make women’s bands, or even special rings to commemorate an experience, a moment or a loved one who has passed. The sky is truly the limit.

Japanese maple that refused stay alive on our property. Now it is an anniversary gift to containing a piece of the first home we purchased together. *Que sappy music*
From a hunk of wood to a new wedding band

Lashbrook Designs has created a way to customize the band.

We can’t wait to see what you create for yourself!