Yes, we still have Layaway. Before you decide that it is an antiquated form of finance, hear me out.  Most of us have used Layaway at some time in our lives to make a purchase with the benefits of paying over time, but without the gouge of paying interest.  The concept is still viable.  Particularly in this era of over-extended credit, doesn’t it make sense to start your holiday shopping now, and pay for it over the next several months…WITHOUT paying interest on it?  It makes good sense.

Layaway became an important part of the American lifestyle during the Depression of the 1930’s.  In the absence of credit cards, and with a society that was financially challenged, Layaway provided a way for Americans to make purchases over time.  The practice continued fairly steadily until the 1980’s when the availability of credit cards made Layaway seem obsolete.  Of course during this time there continued to be stores that offered a Layaway program, and Roper’s was one of them.  In response to the current economic atmosphere, many retailers have reinstated their Layaway programs as the public is once again realizing its benefits.

Besides the obvious benefit of paying over time without interest, another attribute to Layaway is to be able to purchase something for the person you share the checkbook and the credit cards with, while keeping it a surprise.  It also enables shoppers to secure the perfect gift (for themselves or some else) without having to hide it, and potentially forget where they hid it, as they wait for the gift giving event to arrive.

Whatever your reasons, remember that we still offer Layaway (year-round), and it’s as simple as making a down payment, followed by six monthly payments (or fewer to suit your needs).