Just the mention of pearls makes many people instantly conjure images of little, old grandmothers with ropes of pearls on to compliment lace collars.  I’m here to tell you that there is much more to the world of pearls than that!  Although the traditional round, white, saltwater cultured pearl is still as timely and appropriate as ever, it’s not the only pearl on the beach.

South Sea pearls and freshwater pearls come in all  shapes, sizes and colors. With some widely accepted treatments pearls even come in red, blue, purple, green, and chocolate. With all of these choices there is bound to be a pearl that’s just right, even for the pearl skeptic.

If you’re one of the lucky who claim June as their birth month, then you get to claim pearl a your birthstone.   Whether pearl is your

birthstone or not, if you enjoy them you are in good company.  The ancient Greeks believed that Aphrodite, the goddess of sensuality and beauty loved pearls.  With an endorsement like that, who could help but be enamored with pearls in all of their varied and lovely forms.

To keep your pearls in great shape they should be cleaned and inspected by your jeweler at least twice a year.  Strands of pearls should be restrung when their silk starts to fray or when the pearls move freely between the knots.