Shelter in Place ProjectsLet’s face it, this isn’t the end of the world, just an adjustment to the world as we’ve come to know it. Here in beautiful California we’ve been invited to stay at home (unless we are essential). And as much as I try to tell my husband otherwise, jewelry really isn’t essential. (Insert eye roll here). So we’re at home: at the place that we whine about all the time, that we wish we had more time here. And now that we have more time here, we’re complaining that we don’t get to go to work. We’ve become accustomed to our schedules and our daily interactions with other people. When something funny happens at home with my husband and children, I look forward to going to work and sharing the funny stuff with my co-workers. There are all kinds of funny things happening at home now, and I’m trying to make notes in my head about what funny stories to tell once I return to work.

And, there is this amazing thing called the Internet. This Internet allows us to share our funny and interesting things, with people outside of our home. So I thought, let’s give it a whirl!

Since many of us are home, staring down the barrel of all those projects we said we’d get to, “if we just had more time off” or on a weekend day when we “don’t have anything scheduled” …now’s our time to shine! Here’s my thought, over the next two days, share with us:

What project did you undertake?
Finally getting to that hall closet everyone throws stuff into? (Oh wait, that’s my next project) Reorganizing that drawer in the kitchen that has everything from coupons, to rubber bands, to brand new, in the package chopsticks, and that light bulb that no one knows what it’s for, but you’re sure if you throw it away you’ll need it immediately.

What is the funniest, or most interesting, or even the most ridiculous thing you discovered while you were doing said project?
A particularly old… (fill in the blank) or a really funny… again, fill in the blank. I need some feedback to really enjoy this project.

To take it a step further. Even though you may have time, perhaps inspiration is in short supply at your house. Tell us about what you did instead of doing the project you swore you’d do. I have a friend who swore she’d clean her windows when she had the time. She spent the first day of shelter in place taking a nap instead.

I look forward to hearing about all of your activities and adventures. Please post them in the comments here, on our Facebook page, or even email them to me You have until Saturday 3/28 to get your answers in. I will be compiling them into another Blog post at that time and we will become a virtual workplace where we can share our stories.

Looking forward to learning a little about each of you!

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