Roper’s Jewelers in Auburn, California is your premier place to shop when searching for “custom jewelry near me.” We’ve been your hometown jeweler since 1956 and have the best selection of beautiful pieces in the area. Whether you’re searching for a new gemstone pendant necklace, a custom ring, diamond earrings, or a 14k gold pendant necklace for yourself or a loved one, we are here to help make your dreams a reality. Our expert jewelers will assist you not only in finding or creating the jewelry that delights you the most, but in learning how to take pristine care of your fine jewelry at home. 


Follow these simple “dos and don’ts” from our experienced staff to keep your jewelry in its stunningly beautiful condition for years to come.


Do’s of Fine Jewelry Care


  • Put your treasures in the same spot every time you take them off. We recommend a jewelry box or another closed container. 
  • Invest in a storage container that supports your jewelry and keeps it safe. A jewelry case with fabric-lined dividers and compartments is best for storing jewelry by keeping it untangled, clean, and dry. 
  • Use an anti-tarnish bag to help preserve sterling silver jewelry and protect it from moisture.
  • Remove your jewelry for any activity where it could hit against something else or possibly be damaged. 
  • Have your jewelry professionally inspected and cleaned at least every six months – though we are happy to clean your pieces anytime!
  • Insure your jewelry. You never can tell when an accident will happen, and floods, wildfires, burglaries, and misplaced jewelry happens more often than you think. When disaster strikes it will give you peace of mind knowing that your jewelry is protected. After all it’s not just an investment but often a treasured heirloom!


Don’ts of Fine Jewelry Care


  • Don’t wear your jewelry to bed. It’s harder on your treasures than you think.
  • Don’t wear your fine jewelry in swimming pools or spas with chlorine, which unfortunately eats away at the gold metal. 
  • Don’t wear it while cleaning – chemicals are tough on jewelry and it could be damaged by accidentally hitting it against something.
  • Don’t wear your treasures to the river or lake. Not only does the sunscreen get caked in, but cold water makes hands smaller and rings come off accidentally. Avoid losing your treasures by keeping them secure. 
  • Don’t wear your rings at the gym. The pressure from the bars and handles can force them out of shape, thus loosening the stones.
  • Don’t set your jewelry on the counter near a sink or trash can. Also, never wrap them in tissue; they are too easily thrown away unknowingly. 
  • Don’t use toothpaste to clean your jewelry. We have special cleaners for gold, silver, and even pearls available for purchase. 


Heirloom Quality Jewelry


At Roper’s Jewelers we want you to treasure your special pieces of jewelry forever. Jewelry has the special ability to hold an important place in our hearts with sentimental value. We want you to be able to enjoy your treasured pieces for your entire lifetime, even passing them along to loved ones when the moment is right. 


Stop by one of our two Roper’s Jewelers locations in Auburn today to see our gorgeous collections. Our knowledgeable sales associates can give you more detailed information about how to take care of specific pieces of fine jewelry. We look forward to helping you find the next precious item of your dreams! 


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