As we celebrate 57 years in business this week, it seemed appropriate to share some history about Roper’s Jewelers.

Ralph & Helen Roper moved to Auburn in 1952.   Roper’s Jewelers opened in January 1956, the same week that his son, Harvey, was born.  When asked why he opened the store he replied, “I wanted to work for myself”.

When Ropers Jewelers opened, there were three other jewelers in town.  It opened at  814 Lincoln Way, a few doors down from its current location.  In 1972, Ralph moved the store to its current location, 818 Lincoln Way.  A second store was opened in 1990, at 2288 Grass Valley Highway.  Both locations are in Auburn, the town that Ralph loves.

Ralph says that he and his business were well received due to his participation in the community.  Then, as now, Ralph participated in many community events and improvement projects.  He worked in the store 12 to 14 hours every day, and he had only one saleslady.  As Christmas approached he added another saleslady, and he would add another one at a time as he became busier and needed more help.  In the beginning Ralph did all of the jewelry, watch, and clock repair himself.  His wife, Helen, did all of the bookkeeping.  The statements were written by hand each month.

Over the years Ralph slowly made some changes.  He brought in a watchmaker first, then he brought in jewelers.  As his sons, Steven and Harvey grew, they learned the business.  Steven became a jeweler and Harvey became a watchmaker.  Harvey, was vice president of the company, and his wife, Brenda, does all of the accounting.  Although the Roper’s Jewelers family of salespeople,  jewelers, watch and clock makers has grown, to include more than 20 employees, Roper’s still retains the same values, professionalism, and vision that Ralph had 57 years ago.