We’re back! We’ve been open now for four weeks after our seven week shut down. Like all of you, we weren’t sure what to expect when we re-opened those doors. Would our community be happy to see us? Would our folks be too concerned to come in? Would we do enough business to support our staff of fifteen?

I’m happy to report that we were busy the first few days with Mother’s Day gift shoppers. Then we started to worry again, but we didn’t need to. After the Mother’s Day shoppers came the fellas who told us things like, “we had an anniversary during shelter in place, and I couldn’t wait for you to be open!” or another fella who told his sweetie that he knew exactly what he was giving her, he just needed Roper’s to open back up! Then came the graduation shoppers: parents and grandparents who wanted to give an extra special gift to their graduates. We’ve received all of these folks with joy and gratitude. We understand that everyone is living in a strange new world, and the fact that you have chosen to support Roper’s Jewelers means the world to us. Even those of you who haven’t needed jewelry yet, but stick your head in the open door and tell us, “So glad to see you’re open! Welcome back!” You make our hearts smile!!

If you’re one of the folks who isn’t comfortable coming in yet, we understand that too! We are happy to offer curbside pick up/drop off. We have an online store at www.RopersJewelers.com or email us (peggy@ropersjewelers.com) or call either store. We’ll make the magic happen!

The moral to this story is simple, The Roper’s Jewelers family and staff are grateful to be your Hometown Jeweler today, as we have been for the last 64 years. We celebrate our community today and look forward to celebrating in the future.