Start the process of creating a custom jewelry piece for your loved one now so that it is ready in time for holiday gift exchanges! At Roper’s Jewelers in Auburn, California we are experts in helping you to create special holiday memories with unique, custom holiday jewelry. Get a headstart on your holiday shopping list today by taking the first step of designing a high quality custom piece of jewelry for a loved one in your life.

At Roper’s Jewelers we can create almost anything you can dream up, from a custom jewelry pendant necklace, to custom birthstone jewelry, or even a beautifully designed personalized engagement ring if this holiday season is the time to pop the question.

The Best of All Custom Jewelry Stores in Auburn, CA

When you search for “custom jewelry near me” Roper’s Jewelers is sure to show in the search results. Roper’s is one of the longest running jewelry stores in Auburn, CA, and we have many years of experience enriching the lives of the Auburn community and surrounding areas with beautiful, elegant jewelry pieces.

Our team absolutely loves working with our local community members and hearing from them about what special touches would create a unique and meaningful piece of jewelry for their friend or family member, especially around the holiday season or for celebrations like anniversaries.

Meet with a Custom Jewelry Expert and Learn Our Process

If you come into either one of our locations in Auburn, you can meet with one of our friendly and experienced sales associates and, together, design the ideal piece of jewelry to make this holiday one to remember. The process of creating a custom piece of jewelry has several steps starting with understanding the vision.

  • Step 1 – Create a sketch
  • Step 2 – Create a wax model to fit properly around any gemstones used
  • Step 3 – Create a mold and cast the piece
  • Step 4 – Cut or craft any additional metal details
  • Step 5 – Set the gemstone (s) into the piece
  • Step 6 – Solder any details into place and polish the final piece

Take a look here at a custom ring as it was created at Roper’s step by step. We can work with white gold, yellow gold, platinum, sterling silver, precious gems, and more to create the exact look you desire.

Custom Jewelry Pendants

One of our most popular pieces of custom made jewelry is a uniquely designed pendant necklace. You can choose from a variety of metals and multiple types of dazzling gemstones to create the perfect pendant to be displayed on a gorgeous chain by your lucky recipient.

We can help you select the right size and color chain and customize the setting so that the pendant is even more special and meaningful with all of your personalized touches. Our team can even help you create something new from an existing piece of jewelry that has sentimental value.

Custom Birthstone Jewelry

There’s something about birthstones that holds deep meaning, and celebrating the individuals in your life with custom birthstone jewelry is a great way to send a thoughtful message this holiday season. We encourage you to think outside the box this year as well.

Custom birthstone jewelry doesn’t just have to feature only the birthstone of the recipient. A unique ring, necklace, or earrings featuring the birthstone of one’s parents or children can be a charming, thoughtful gift. If the individual is your partner and doesn’t have children, consider the birthstone of yours next to theirs to signify your relationship. We can customize the gift further by adding engraved names near birthstones on some of our jewelry pieces.

Let Us Design Your Custom Holiday Jewelry Starting Today

Here at Roper’s Jewelers, we have been serving the town of Auburn and the surrounding area for over 60 years. We want to play a part in your legacy by crafting a custom piece of jewelry for you this holiday season.

Give us a call with any questions or to schedule an appointment to start creating custom jewelry in Auburn at our Downtown location at (530) 885-4852 or our North Auburn location at (530) 885-8020. You can also stop by either one of our locations at 818 Lincoln Way in Downtown Auburn or 2288 Grass Valley Highway in Auburn in the Bel Air shopping center. Thank you for trusting Roper’s Jewelers with your most special holiday gifts!