A step-by-step process on how to find and purchase the perfect engagement ring for your fiancé

Shopping for the perfect engagement ring ought to be a happy event… but it can be a daunting task if you’re not prepared. These tips will help you to be sure she adores her ring.

This process should stand out as one of the most important times in your life. You offer a ring out of your pocket and ask your girl to share your life as your better half.  You really want her to say YES and be overjoyed with her ring as well, yes?

You can ensure that this happens when you make your move by using these tips to select the ideal engagement ring:


There’s a ton you can find out about precious stones before you even set foot in a jewelry store. If you’re thinking about a diamond for the centerpiece of the ring,  begin with the 4Cs – ColorClarityCut and Carat Weight – so you see how every C impacts the quality of the diamond and adds to the general appearance of the stone. You’ll see what is most important to you and where you should bargain to accommodate your budget. If you choose a colored stone as the focus, learn which stones are durable to wear and whose beauty and strength will stand up to daily wear.

Make It a Surprise

As of late, jewelers have noted that there’s an ever increasing number of men coming in with their sweethearts to choose a ring. While letting your beloved select the ring she wants guarantees that the ring fits and that she loves it, you’re denying yourself a rare chance to show off your mad skills of how attentive and sentimental you are. Envision the surprise your sweetie will have when a) you propose to her b) the ring fits, and c) the ring you chose is actually what she wanted.

If you can actually pull this off, you will be the subject of jealous discussions among your sweetheart’s group of friends, your future relatives will think you’re a wizard, and men around you will quietly fist-bump your accomplishment. Making the engagement ring a surprise will take some work, yet it’s definitely justified even despite the significant effort.


Focus on the sort of gems she currently wears. Is it accurate to say that she is more classic or contemporary? Does she wear white metals or yellow? Are her pieces delicate or bold? Smooth or textured? Make these details a top priority when you set out to shop. Chances are that if you purchase something similar to what she has now, you won’t go wrong.


If she currently wears rings, “borrow” one of them, just be sure it’s a ring that she wears on the ring finger of her left hand. Draw the internal diameter on a piece of paper, or press the ring into a bar of soap for an impression. You can likewise slide it down one of your own fingers and draw a line where it stops. A jeweler can use these impressions to find her estimated ring size.

It’s better to purchase a ring somewhat larger than you suspect she’ll require, so that when you surprise her with the ring of her dreams, she’ll be able to slip it on her finger (even it it has to be sized down at a later time).


You will be overwhelmed with the number of choices of engagement rings. Set your budget as a top priority before you begin to shop. Going in with strict parameters will enable your jeweler to locate the correct ring to accommodate your price range.


If she hasn’t made it simple for you by now voicing an opinion on this subject (or admiring another person’s ring), remember these ideas while thinking about shape:

She will wear this ring each day of your wedded life. It should be comfortable, even to sleep in. In case you’re unsure about her favorite stone shape, it’s reasonable to the basics… for example, a round or square shape.

Certain shapes pair all the more effectively with different shapes in multi-stone rings. Round, oval and marquise shapes work nicely, sitting one next to the other. Pear and heart shapes are also considered a great pairing.

Every woman has different opinion and viewpoints when it comes to jewelry. If she prefers clean, modern lines in furniture, for instance, she likely may respond well to a similar style in rectangular or square shapes. If she leans towards the classic styles, a round shape may be preferred. Are her preferences mixed or bohemian? She may prefer increasingly unique shapes, like a trillian or marquise shape.


Think of her way of life and how well a specific setting configuration will fit into it. If she’s progressively dynamic or outdoorsy, search for lower profile, less lavish or increasingly secure mountings, which are less inclined to get bumped or snagged on things. If she enjoys a dramatic look, search for settings with a higher stone profile.

While there are certain decisions you can make for her ring, there are some fundamental setting types you are probably going to encounter:


Bezel Setting Engagement Ring - Auburn CA

Bezel Setting

A solitaire stone has been one of the most continuously popular styles in engagement rings. When the stone is prong set, the head holds the precious stone and the prongs enable the jewel to get the most light. A six-prong setting is more secure than four prongs. A bezel setting covers more of the surface edge of the stone and is more secure and ensures the support of the stone, yet allows less light into the stone than a prong setting.


Diamond Sidestone Engagement Ring 18k White Gold

Side stones are often round, but can be any shape you choose. Princess cuts, baguettes and ovals are all popular side stone shapes.


Ordinarily, the precious stones are a similar shape with the middle jewel bigger than the two sidestones.


A precious stone engagement ring is intended to endure forever so usually made of gold or platinum – exceptionally solid metals that can withstand everyday wear. Metal shading involves individual preference with gold giving more shading alternatives: white, yellow or rose. Metal shading is additionally a thought since the presence of a precious stone’s shading is influenced by its environment. When you’ve chosen your precious stone, request that your diamond setter demonstrate to you how it would look with changed hued metals.


A great jeweler will guarantee that your engagement ring purchasing process is tranquil. The person will teach you about the 4Cs of stone quality, answer your inquiries in detail, and help you tailor your decisions to those that fit your planned preferences and your financial plan. Search for a jeweler with expert skills and a good reputation – approaching friends or relatives for input, or referral from testimonials is a great spot to begin. Find out about the store’s approach to their clients and to the jewelry buying experience.

Purchasing an engagement ring can be less daunting than you might think, if you prepare yourself about precious stones and the 4Cs, know her preferences and locate a decent jeweler to work with. Appreciate the process and envision the astonishment and love you’ll get when you put that ideal ring on her ring finger!