Remember that beautiful pendant that your grandma was wearing in her wedding pictures?

Or perhaps you recall the beautiful rings that your favorite auntie wore when she got dressed up? For many of us, that was our first introduction to the world of estate jewelry. By definition, estate jewelry is any jewelry that was previously owned. Although we tend to think of it as antique or vintage, it doesn’t have to be old at all. Estate jewelry is the epitome of recycling. Many of the estate items that we have for sale in our stores are the result of someone trading jewelry in. Other times jewelry gets inherited and the person who inherits it, doesn’t have the same affinity for it that the original owner did. That doesn’t mean that no one loves it. Just the opposite. Our estate jewelry cases are filled with jewelry looking for its second home, and most of them will indeed find those homes.

One of the best parts about our estate jewelry is the price! Most of the estate pieces are priced about 40% less than their brand new counterparts.

Our Estate Jewelry Show & Sale is an event we created around this wonderful jewelry. On October 11, 2019 we will have our North Auburn location filled to bursting with estate jewelry.

We invite you to come in and see all we have to offer! We’ll even have pieces from estate vendors in New York and Los Angeles.

Prices start as low as $59 and go up from there.

Roper's Jewelers North Auburn Location