The world is a crazy place right now. I’m not telling you something you don’t already know, but I am going to give you some new context. Do you know who the world is craziest for right now? Moms. Right now, some of the hardest working people I know are the moms who are home with their children, coordinating homework pick up and drop off at school, while also working their own jobs from home (whether that is via the computer set up in their “home office”: the corner of the living room that isn’t committed to distance learning, laundry or the toy box) or the stay at home moms who always did work from home. Then there are the moms who are home, and managing school, while they can’t work, many don’t have that option. So, they have the added layer of trying to sort out how to balance the family budget without the regular pay check.

I implore you to remember, that lots of these moms aren’t dealing with one star student who adores their daily studies. Oh no, these moms are teaching children in different grades with different learning styles and patience levels. Some have online instruction, others are trying to follow the lesson plans that they are provided. Do I feel sorry for these moms? No, that’s not where I’m going with this. What I feel for these mom is RESPECT. Because, although they did sign up to be the mom in their home, they didn’t go to school to be an elementary grade or middle school teacher. They’re following lesson plans that they didn’t create, and trying to learn the new math right alongside their children.

And remember, these moms don’t get to give it all up at the end of the day and put their feet up with a glass of wine. Nope. When school is handled, they also get to figure out how to do their own work, manage the laundry, the housekeeping and the meal preparation (because remember, at this school, the moms are also the custodial staff and the lunch ladies!) They get to figure out how to get the groceries purchased (do they take the kids to the store at “recess” time?) While also encouraging outdoor play and exercise. I’m talking about the exercise for the kids. When do the moms “get to” exercise in this scenario? Great question. Another puzzle to figure out.

I don’t mean for this to sound like the moms do all the work and the dads don’t do anything. Not at all. I just know, that of the people I know, it’s the moms who are taking the brunt of most of this. Can we make it all stop? Not yet, but we can try to make the days a little brighter for Mom.

Mother’s Day is May 10th (for those of you who have lost all sense of day and time, that’s in about a week and a half). This year, more than ever, please remember to thank and honor the mom in your life, the mom in your home, the mom who is doing an amazing job of keeping all the balls in the air. We have jewelry in all price ranges, and we can make some Mother’s Day magic. For the time being, Mom may not get to go out and celebrate, but a beautiful birthstone pendant will look great on her for her next Zoom meeting.

Stackable rings with her children’s birthstones will help the homework pick up sparkle, just a bit more. And even if no one else sees it, a diamond pendant that shows Mom how much you love and appreciate her, will warm her heart, and isn’t that what matters most?